Marianne DUBOIS welcomes you

I find myself in that indefinable space which is movement from the known to the unknown; it is a nomad’s-land, a nowhere.

I teach nothing. There are no special references, nothing to retain, nothing to possess. If there is anything to transmit, it is just that. This means I witness only to the present moment : I live the experience of NOW whether with a person, an audience or with a blank page.

Sometimes words spring to mind, but they aren’t of great importance, especially in meetings and meditations. If people rely on them, they will discover nothing new. These words will merely merge with wisdom experienced through thousands of years, even if the words themselves and the way they are expressed relate to a particular era.

In the books underlying poetry sometimes transforms the immediate text and connects with a less familiar fragrance.

My only inner impulsion is to "LIVE" these words in the instant that they appear. When they are fully lived, they transmit something more than their surface meaning. They come from a different intensity, from a special context, from a collective aspiration carrying one closer to oneself or else to other horizons.

So sometimes it is silence or what lies beyond a word that may be important as it gives space for a new breath or for an unforeseen opening.

Whenever people come who expect to be taught something, they will be disappointed. I am neither a master nor a teacher. I am "nobody" when I live the experience of the moment in front of an audience or a blank page. I live it with greater or less power in that it is movement towards other consciousnesses, other ways of existing. My personality disappears to make way for that "current of transforming intensity" wbose strength some people feel.

Those whose need is for a superior intellect, for a framework or some definite form underpinned by knowledge, are conditioned by their expectation. They cannot open themselves to what actually happens, to the feeling of the cells of their bodies, to the lived aspiration of their "being". So it is better for them to receive instruction and satisfy their expectations by going elsewhere.

The events, the demands and the judgements of those who come to see me have made for increased intransigeance. My truth of the moment, vertical and absolute, cannot be shaken, even if this in some way represents the essence of change.

What matters is to be true, come hell or high water. No desire to please must cloud the crystal clarity of the divine impetus (Unity) when it irges through and absorbs the ego.

My truth is the only gift I have for those who read my writings or meet me. If I deviate from it, a wider public might be attracted, but the experience would be polluted by pretence and superficiality.

The outpouring of the Source cannot shut itself up in a construct of the mind.

In front of an audience, my truth of the moment is to let go of everything that could be a support, to accept that there might be nothing to grasp We can then breathe together, and transform ourselves into a potentiality that is creative and constantly renewed.

Marianne DUBOIS

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